It’s a Cloudy Day…


The sun could be out where you live, but it’s a cloudy inside my heart today.  This cancer-beast has ruined the day and the night.  My friend Bruce is in the fight of his life against this disease that just does not back down.

He did everything right.  The doctors did too.  His leukemia was treated with state of the art technique and his bone marrow transplant was by the book.  The tests come back and there is no leukemia in his blood.  He’s managed to kill it and keep it from coming back, but by doing that, he’s had to supress his immune system down to nothing.  All the drugs he’s taken to stop all the germs from creating havoc in his body just can’t rise to the challenge.  And all I can do is imagine his cancer is lurking somewhere in the shadows with a satisfying grin on its face. 

This disease takes such delight in crumbling lives…families…futures. 

I see more cloudy days ahead.

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