The Chair Next to the Chair

I’m sitting in the chair NEXT to the chair I sat in so many days and nights at the Cancer Center. 

This time I’m part of the support team trying to help in what ever way I can, a dear friend who is watching cancer create havoc,  as it dances around her husband’s hospital room.  Some hours the doctors and nurses are clearly worried when they make their scheduled visits….will he find the strength to get through this crisis?  Other times, they actually exude hope that he will rally. 

The up and down, roller coaster world of cancer weighs heavy on my friend and her family.

I see the worry as it begins to etch itself in fine lines around her eyes.  This is a strong, pragmatic woman who has stood tall in this fight. But the long hours of standing by her guy, supporting him with words of encouragement, at the same time, protecting her kids from the sting of this disease, is beginning to weigh-in too.

The kids…a daughter and son, should not have to experience a life event like this…they should be anticipating the new school year, enjoying the last weeks of summer and hanging out with friends.  Instead they find themselves hanging out with cancer.

Those of us who have been caregivers, have a “how to” book that can be very useful at a time like this and I’m trying to recite chapter and verse when it seems appropriate.  I hope it can be of some help..some comfort…some guidance.

This family means a lot to me and it hurts in my heart to watch them in this struggle.  Truthfully, this chair isn’t any better than the one I sat in for some many days and nights, so many years ago.

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