When the Best Isn’t Good Enough Anymore…


She went for her scans.  Three months had passed and once again, it was time to check to see if the cancer had found new soil to infect.  She was feeling pretty good.  A case of chemo brain, but that was to be expected after so many treatments.  Some days she was a little foggy, but for the most part, things were good.  There were no more bouts of nausea, insomnia, tender joints, because she’d be on a treatment break.  So it was time to search for any surprises.

Maybe it wasn’t a surprise, maybe it was a disappointment.  There was a spot.  Most likely cancer and now further tests will be done to determine what it is.  But what to do about it?

When the best treatment, or first line of treatment is given upon diagnosis,and it falters, and some vital organs start to show signs of wear and tear from chemo’s toxins, what do you do? 

Do you go to plan B?  Is there a completely different type of treatment that might slow down the disease?  Do you throw-in the towel and live like there’s no tomorrow? 

She is contemplating all of the above.  Trying to figure out what path to take when the best isn’t good enough anymore…

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