A Hard Part of Cancer


As usual, this group gets it!

It doesn’t surprise me, because if we personally haven’t had to make a decision on a treatment change, then we’ve certainly had to stand by and watch as our loved one agonized over making a choice.  This is one of the turning points in living with cancer.  Coming to grips with the news that the disease has jumped the chemo or the body just can’t handle anymore radiation or the clinical trial failed. 

What is the alternative

The many points made here are all correct.  You can’t make a bad decision because it’s the patient’s decision.  Leroy and I talked about this possibility too.  From my corner, I told him, I would support what ever choice he made.  It was his life.  He knew how he felt…He would know when it was time to say “no more” treatment.   When that time came, a place inside of me went dead, but I knew how hard it was for him to come to that place.  So he had my support.

And if there is another chemo to try or an experimental therapy out there that’s worth a shot, then I guess you go for it if your quality of life will be one that makes it worth while.  We all have our own measuring sticks on what makes a life worth living. 

This is one of the hardest parts of living in cancer world.

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