Around the Clock


He’s in the fight of his life…for his life.  The cancer has sent in it’s sidekicks to create a series of problems and as fast as the doctors can come up with a plan to knock-out these trouble makers, another crisis arises.  My friend has a team of specialists who are so good, every morning on rounds, they have yet another idea on how to attack the problem.  I’m in awe of these doctors. 

What they can’t remedy is the toll this is taking on my friends’ wife.  She is just, plain, exhausted.   I see the dark circles under her eyes.  I see her eyelids drooping and the yawns interrupting her sentences.  The doctors share this case in shifts, there is no end of the shift for this caregiver.  She keeps a watchful eye on her guy around the clock. 

So many of us have been where she is now.  Would we have done it any differently?  No. 

It’s what the caregiver brings to the table.  We bring our support.  We bring our love.  We bring ourselves. 

We are in this fight too.  Sleep will come later.

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