Once A Care-Giver….


We start out strong.  We figure it’s going to be a long haul and we think we can do just about anything to help our loved one get through cancer.  We’re the caregiver. 

We know our days will change, our routines will be rewritten, but truth be known, we don’t have a clue what’s ahead for us or for them. 

So, we listen to the doctors talk about the treatment and we take notes, and we try to ask informed questions that will result in answers that will give us a hint about how this disease will progress.  We go to the various websites and try to become students of our specific cancer, but there are too many places to search and the information is so different we don’t know what to believe.

And we get stronger, because the demands of the cancer require us to raise our game.  But we do that because we would do anything, anything at all.

We’re the caregiver. 

We know there will never be a day off in this fight, but there will be “better” days and when we get a few of those, the world is an easier place to live.  We recharge our batteries the best way we can, because something deep inside our heart says, “tougher days are coming” and we’re going to need every shred of energy to get through it. 

Caregiving teaches us lessons no other life experience will ever provide.  It gives us a glimpse at a side of life we would never see under any other circumstance. 

If we’re unlucky in cancer and our care-giving ends with the death of our loved one, what do we do then?  We’ve been care-giving for so long and it comes to such an abrupt end.  It stops in a heart beat.  What happens to us then? 

I guess we would all answer that question differently.  I can guarantee, because of what we’ve been through, we all see life from a different prism now.  

And we are a strong bunch. 

Once a care-giver…..

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