A Little Pink Package of Life!


She came bounding out of the elevator.  Pink tights that hugged her chubby little legs.  White tennis shoes with pink socks that had a cute little ruffle around the tops. The shoes were electric…they gave off sparkles of light with every step she took and she was moving fast, so there was a light trail flashing beind her. 

What really caught my eye was her hat.  Pink and white checks to top off the outfit.  The hat had a floppy brim, so with each bounce of that cute little body, a wonderful smile revealed itself in every step. 

If this hadn’t been a scene at the cancer center, it would be the kind of video that would play endless times on some popular website.  A ‘feel-good’ slice of life.

Except that it was at the cancer center and when this little girl pulled off her floppy hat, we all knew in an instant, she was a cancer patient.  Her shiny bald head, a big bandage around a fragile little wrist, all signs of  recent treatment.  I don’t know where the disease had found its home in her little body.  She showed no signs of slowing down, in fact, to the contrary, the big marble lobby was her stage. 

Cancer wasn’t about to slow down this kid.  At least not yet…and hopefully never. 

The best part of her brief performance was the effect she had on all the adult cancer patients,  who’s lucky timing it was to be in that lobby.  The joy and playfulness of this child made their day.  They found their smiles again.  For an instant, cancer left the building. 

Amazing what power was in that little pink package of life!

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