What It’s Like

I’m sharing a very special poem with this community tonight…a poem that was dedicated to me by one of our very own.  I hope she won’t be upset by this, but Mo…I want everyone to read this because it is so beautiful and I feel so honored that you would have thought of me in the writing.

What It’s Like

The feelings of loss come at the sight of his old empty shoes

Mail without his name   Christmas cards addressed only to you

The feelings of loss come  with the sound you hesitate to erase  from your answering machine

the voice of the friend who’s never heard he died

the last words that fail to stop that ringing in your ears

The feelings of loss come  because the dog gives up waiting

seasons cycle through again     flowers start up once more

The feelings of loss come because emptiness has a way of sticking around

You have to tend feelings–and loss–carefully

You box with shadows

You fill in space

You leave lights on

(Writtten by Maureen Doallas)

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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