CANCER….Check Your Local Listings

I remember so clearly, when Leroy wrote his blog post about calling a restaurant for a reservation and using the “cancer card.”  He wrote it tongue, firmly in-cheek, but from the responses he got, we all realized, there was more truth that fiction in the message.  Some folks had actually done this, feeling OK about it.

It made me more aware of how some people ‘used’ their cancer.

Now comes a new movie about hit the big screens, titled, “50/50.”  It’s about a young man who gets a cancer diagnosis and when he tells his best friend, they both decide how to make the best out of a bad situation.  Watching the previews, this movie is advertised as a comedy.  Facing the doctor after hearing the news, the young man says something like, “How can this be? I don’t smoke or drink…and I recycle.”  His best pal asks what his odds are of beating the cancer and he says “50-50.” The friend replys, “If you were a casino game, you’d have the best odds.”

Cancer on the big screen.  Cancer, the comedy.

Showtime’s big hit show, “The Big C’  has it’s season finale tonight.  Laura Linney has played the role of cancer victim who tries to make the best of a bad diagnosis.  Cancer on the small screen.  It’s a comedy too.

And recently there have been a few newspaper pieces written about cancer survivors who say they came through their treatments and never looked back.  They made it sound like cancer was a small stone in their shoe…an annoyance that took time out of their day to deal with, but that-is-that and it’s on with life.  A lot of smiling faces with glasses raised in the newspaper pictures to go with the articles.

So there you have it….Cancer is a hot topic.  A comedy, a big new movie, a front page feature article.  Check your local listings for more…

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