Rule Number #1


It’s a sinister disease, this cancer.  In the last few weeks it’s played some dirty tricks on friends who were doing everything right in their fight to live despite a diagnosis of advanced staged disease.

Their treatments were going well.  The follow up scans were coming back with those magical letters, N-E-D and family and friends were exhaling from a rough time. 

Then cancer did what cancer does so well…it changed the rules.  No more chemotherapy.  The patients were willing but the bodies just couldn’t take anymore.  Vital organs were screaming “STOP.”   Too much toxicity, too much to handle.

Talk about free-falling from a healthy high to a devastating low. 

What happens now?  Remember rule number one in cancer world?  It’s not what we see that worries us, it’s what we don’t see.

Both of these friends say it’s like hearing the tic toc of the cancer clock in the distance.  How long before it returns? And what to do when it does?

We all hate rule number one.

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