Pink is the Color of the Month


October is breast cancer month.  I think it’s safe to say breast cancer gets the most coverage of all the cancers. 

If you were watching any NFL football the last couple days, even the big, bad footplayers were wearing pink.  Pink, of course is the color adopted by breast cancer.  There were 300 pound linebackers with their cleats wrapped in pink tape.  Some wore pink gloves, and others had on pink skull caps.  If the NFL is comfortable wearing pink, you know you’ve made a mark.

The White House in Washington,D.C. glowed pink the other night…more breast cancer awareness. 

What other cancer gets that kind of coverage? 

It’s all good…the more attention…the more attention paid.  And that translates into dollars flowing into research and prevention and more attention. 

So take a look inside that closet, find something pink to put on.  We’re not going to let some big football players show us up, now, are we?  It’s not their best color either!!!

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