The Orange Jeep…


It was the air…it’s always the air.

There’s brown sugar in the air in Maui.  Softly ground in the wind and when you inhale, the sweet taste of the island fills your lungs.  There’s no escaping the rush of island sugar.  It’s a welcome I’ve felt from this place since the first time I stepped off the plane more than thirty years ago.  Now, it has an even stronger grip on me because Leroy is here in spirit.  It was three years ago when I answered his wish to have his ashes scattered off  this island…in his ocean that he loved so much.  I feel his smile, I hear his laugh, I almost can see him sitting on the beach chair, reading his book and sipping a mai tai.  It’s such a strong, powerful pulse.

And then there it was…the Orange Jeep. I know, it’s probably just a rental favorite of so many visitors to this island, but to see an orange Jeep, first thing, walking out of the airport was the perfect sign for me.  I dropped my bag and just chuckled at the site.  Not many folks would have picked an orange Jeep, but Leroy did…he loved the color..he loved the car….and there it was..just for me!

So here I am…feeling like this island has once again wrapped it’s arms around me. 

And I intend to return the favor….

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