An Aloha Kind of Day..

Maui Morning
Maui Morning

Hawaii is a place of beauty.  It is a place of peace and calm and there is current of slow, swaying breezes that echo in the palm trees and tides of the ocean that put a person at ease. 

It is the place of Aloha.  Most of us think of “Aloha” as a greeting.  We say it when we mean “Hello,'” but it means so much more.

In “Old Hawaii’  the word Aloha means “breath”….When Hawaiians would meet they would touch each others’ foreheads and actually exchange breath as an act of friendship.  It was considered ‘the sharing of two lives.’ 

There’s so much meaning in that for me, as I touch foreheads with the Pacific  whispering  an “Aloha” to Leroy each morning. 

Every visit here, I understand so much more of why this island has such a strong hold over me. 

Every day is an ALOHA kind of day.

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