Orchids for the ‘Big Guy’

MauiThe pedals are various shades of purple and white.  They curl outward, almost reaching for the sun.  These particular pedals are connected by a strong cord and they make a lei. Hawaiian lei’s are worn by everyone now, but originally, they were reserved for royalty.  And they are not just flowers designed to look nice around a neck…oh no….the lei is a circle, unbroken, representing the love of one another and they are meant to fall over the heart to represent unbroken love….continuing love.

This afternoon, I will paddle out into the ocean with my bag of lei’s, made by dear friends here on Maui, and I will have a little remembrance to the Big Guy. 

The ocean will be my partner and carry these beautiful symbols out to sea.  It will be my love letter to him.  My message of hope that he is resting in peace. 

And just for good measure, I’ll have a Mai Tai and a Snickers bar with me too.  The orchids come from the heart.  The Mai Tai and the Snickers…well, it’s Leroy, I just know he’ll appreciate the treats!!!

Aloha Big Guy!

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