Footprints in the Sand…and other gifts

MauiThe sun was sparkling on his ocean…like a million precious stones twinkling to the horizon and beyond.  Funny, how the swell calmed down to a low roll and I was able to paddle out beyond the wave line.  As promised, I brought him a Snickers bar and a Mai Tai, a few remembrances from home and some messages from my heart.  It was the prefect way to say “I miss you, I was lucky to have you in my life.”  The orchid lei’s floated away and carried my tears to whatever sandy beach they finally landed on…or maybe they are still gently moving with the tides.

Maui…you have him now.   He asked that his ashes rest off your shores.  He had some of his best days here.  WE had some of our best days here.  I know now he made the right choice.  As sad as I get remembering those days, I come here and feel he is at peace.  The end of Leroy’s life was filled with cancer and pain, but that was not his life. 

I walk the beaches here and still see his footsteps in the sand….no ocean, not even ‘his’ can change that.

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