This is the toughest day…when I head to the airport.  It was always hard to leave the beautiful surroundings that has been my “home” for the last couple of weeks.  This is a place that holds so many great memories for me and I make new ones with each visit. 

Now, it holds so much more.  So I will take my last beach walk and look across the ocean and wish the island of Lanai a final ‘good morning’ and I will look for that last piece of sea glass to add to the collection. 

The hardest part is saying a farewell to the wonderful people here who make my landing on Maui a soft one.  They know how emotional a journey this is and it is in their care, I leave Leroy’s spirit.  They are the ‘spirit keepers’ and they do a wonderful job.  He’s in good hands. 

I’ll say my good-bye’s but they make it very clear, there are no good-bye’s here…A HUI HOU is the saying and they stick to it….’Till We Meet Again

I’m off to the beach now….toes in the sand, eye’s fixed on the ocean and the words, A HUI HOU on my lips…Leroy, can you hear me how?

I hope so!!

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