“Light the Night”


“Support, Survive, Remember,” that’s what the T-shirt said.  We were there to remember.  Many of the over 2-thousand strong who attened the Leukemia and Lymphona Society “Light the Night” walk were also there to remember.  How do I know?  They were carrying the yellow balloons.  The rest of us, in support of those who had lost loved ones, were holding tight to our red balloons.  All of the balloons had blinking lights inside and as we walked the mile and a-half thinking of ‘them,’ the dark night glowed in the red hue. 

The group I walked with was there to remember our friend, Bruce.  We decorated a tent in his memory.  Great pictures of him as a healthy, smiling family man.  And other pictures when he wore a selection of hats that covered his bald head…a result of many chemotherapies.  But he was still smiling, still fighting his leukemia, still fighting off the effects of his bone marrow transplant.  

Still very much missed by so many of us.

It was an honor to “Light the Night” for all of them…I could have walked for miles.

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