You’ve Gotta Have Hope…


It always comes back around to the one word in cancer that means so much.  It’s not N-E-D, it’s not cure, it’s not remission…It’s HOPE.

You’ve gotta have HOPE.

From the very first moment after hearing the words, “You have cancer,” you have to find hope somewhere inside all those emotions running through your head and you have to be able to grab on to it and put in a special place. 

Hope gives you the energy to walk into the chemo room.  Hope allows you to find a comfortable spot on that cold, hard radiation bed and hope is what stares back at you in the mirror, when you see a familiar face that has weathered so many cancer treatments. 

Hope gives you the power to fight cancer. 

And for those of us who stand next to the patient..hope chases away the scary thoughts of living without them.

You’ve gotta have HOPE.

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