“I’m Going to Miss the Fall”

“I’m going to miss the Fall.”

I remember him saying it and I remember feeling my heart crumble when I heard those words. 

Leroy always loved the Fall. 

We have trees around our house….a lot of trees.  There are huge oaks, dogwoods, cherry trees.  All of them reflect the colors of Fall.  The reds, yellows and oranges just burst off the branches.  It really is Mother Nature’s broad brush strokes of the season. 

I used to say to Leroy, that we got such great color from our trees NOW,  because Winter was just around the corner and  it would be gray and ONLY gray for many months to come.

Maybe the seasons became more vivid to him, because he knew his days were numbered and experiencing his last Fall days made him appreciate them all the more.  We would walk on the C & O towpath as he soaked-in his last season.

I guess I’m taking a walk down memory lane today, because it’s November and the trees are in their full glory now and I’m missing my partner on that walk.

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