Stretching the Odds


How many of you exercise every day?  Do you walk for an hour?  Do you go to the gym? What about swimming?

Exercise has become the thing to do if you want to live long and stay healthy.  Health experts like to connect a regular exercise routine with lowering the chance of heart disease.   They say it helps the control of diabetes and of course, they’ve come around to cancer and exercise.

It just seems logical to me that working out and burning calories is going to give you a better chance at staying healthy than sitting on the couch eating chips and guac. Common sense has got to come into play here.  Eating and sitting and eating some more is going to put pounds on your bones and open the window for something bad to begin to work it’s way into your body.

I’d much rather the folks in the lab coats continue to work on the genetic connection to cancer.  I’d like them to keep searching for ways to strangle malignant tumors so they can’t grow anymore.  How about finding the next way to treat cancer, something that would take the place of chemotherapy?

Exercise and less cancer, it sounds like a good fit.  But let’s not lock up the labs just yet.

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