We meet here every day and we talk about life.  We might not use that exact word daily,  but when we talk cancer, we’re talking life.   One cell changing, in a lung, a kidney, a colon, to begin a cancer and quickly that life is changed forever. 

It is so fragile. 

Do we get the most out of the lives we’ve been given?  If we were to have a tragic accident, like Al’s friend Floyd, would our loved ones and friends say “He lived a good life? ” A full life?  Or would they say, “He had so much more he wanted to do with his life.”

I sometimes think it takes a terrible loss in a person’s life, to get a better grip on it.   Unfortunately in cancer world, that happens  a lot.  So many families I’ve met who have experienced a loss, just see life differently. 

It all comes back to that word, FRAGILE.

We send our sympathies to Al.  He lost a good friend.  But he taught us all a lesson this day.  An important reminder about how fragile all of our lives really are.

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