A Fragile Lesson


We meet here every day and we talk about life.  We might not use that exact word daily,  but when we talk cancer, we’re talking life.   One cell changing, in a lung, a kidney, a colon, to begin a cancer and quickly that life is changed forever. 

It is so fragile. 

Do we get the most out of the lives we’ve been given?  If we were to have a tragic accident, like Al’s friend Floyd, would our loved ones and friends say “He lived a good life? ” A full life?  Or would they say, “He had so much more he wanted to do with his life.”

I sometimes think it takes a terrible loss in a person’s life, to get a better grip on it.   Unfortunately in cancer world, that happens  a lot.  So many families I’ve met who have experienced a loss, just see life differently. 

It all comes back to that word, FRAGILE.

We send our sympathies to Al.  He lost a good friend.  But he taught us all a lesson this day.  An important reminder about how fragile all of our lives really are.

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