The Next Phase…AC


Is it time to start thinking about the next phase of cancer? 

There are so many cancer patients walking around who have come through the treatments and are told by their oncologists they are now cancer free.   Time to go back to living the lives they had BC…before cancer.  Some will continue to take medications and treat their disease like a chronic ailment.  Some won’t have to take or do anything, except maybe rest-up from energy zapping treatments.  Others will fight the effects of chemo-brain or radiation residue.  But for the most part, living in cancer world, the tough part of it, is over.

So, what happens next?  Medically speaking, they’re kind of in medical limbo. 

If you don’t need an oncologist any more, where do you go for the next phase of cancer…AC? After Cancer.

Primary care doctors seem to be the most logical answer to this question.  But are they qualified to watch over a cancer patient?  At check-up time, should there be a different list of questions and tests aimed at the former cancer patient?

Would you feel ‘covered’ in the hands of a primary care doctor? 

Thanks to new discoveries in cancer treatment, lives are being saved.  Cancer doesn’t always walk away with another victim any more. 

We’re starting to look at the next phase of cancer.  Survival.

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