Turn On a Light….

Have you ever heard of a light box?

I guess I’ve been in the dark about these gizmo’s, until lately, when two of my friends, one who has come through a cancer journey, told me how they lift their spirits, just by flicking a switch and soaking in the ‘sun’ or at least the pretend sun for a few minutes each day.

One woman used her light box as she marched through chemo and radiation and she swears it made a difference in her mood.  She says she had less depression from the cancer treatments.  I say anything that makes a person feel better while going through treatment, is golden.

Mood is half the battle in cancer.  It’s hard to keep a good attitude in cancer world.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the patient or the caregiver.  In fact, it might be more important for the caregiver to try and have a smile and an upbeat approach facing each day, because we have the power to set the mood bar for our loved ones going through this awful ordeal.

So, as the days get shorter and with winter comes the gray, dreary skies, find a little sunshine, some how, some where. 

Turn on a light!

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