A New Tradition…


Thanksgiving is just a sunset away.  Between now and then a lot of us will be roasting turkeys, baking pies, making plans to travel to see family and friends.  It was always a holiday at this house where we hosted the same folks year after year.  Everyone brought a dish that reminded them of their family Thanksgivings.  Leroy would sit at one end of the table and our friend Bruce would anchor the other end.  His familly would fill in the side chairs and some years we’d expand our guest list and some years it would be the six of us.  But it was always a good night.  It wasn’t just because of the food, although, Thanksgiving dinner has always been a favorite around here.  It was good because we were all happy to be together.  We’d built this nice tradition and we appreciated how special it was. 

We kept it up, even during Leroy’s cancer years, mainly because he wanted it more than ever.  I will never forget his last Thanksgiving.  It was hard for him to sit at the table, but he did it…for as long as he could stand it, because it meant so much to be sitting in that chair. 

That’s the last time I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving…until now.

Now, not only is Leroy gone, but cancer claimed Bruce’s life a few months ago.  So to honor them both, the table is set, the menu is too.  The two families, now just the four of us, will pick-up where we left off and have our Thanksgiving.  I imagine there will be some emotional moments but we’ve got a lot of good memories to even-out the sad ones.  A new tradition begins…

I wish all of you a memorable Thanksgiving.

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