You’re Talking to Me?


There wasn’t any one else in the room.  The doctor said the words and even though I know he heard them and he understood each syllable, there was a disconnect somewhere.

My friends brother who was told he had colon cancer.  A cancer, near, and no so dear to my heart.

He’s had surgery and now it seems, he’s decided his encounter with the beast is over. He’s decided that no matter what the biopsy says on the lymph nodes, no matter what the suggested treatment will be, he has been there, done that and it’s on with life.

There was a time, in fact, back in Leroy’s diagnosis and surgery days, when the lymph nodes came back clean, the doctor would and did say to us, “Heal up and have a good life.” Those were almost his exact words, as I recall.   But thankfully, science and research has moved the ball down the road and they now strongly suggest chemo follows the surgery to condemn any of those wild cancer cells that have escaped into the blood stream in search of a new place to grow, to death.  And as we all know, any time you can kill a cancer cell, well, that’s a good time.  This follow up treatment has shown to improve survivability.

So is this a case of being in denial?  I think all of us who have been in that exam room and have heard those words, escapes to that place where the words were never spoken and life hasn’t changed, even for just a few minutes.  But we didn’t stay there long because there is work to be done.  There are cancer cells to kill and the clock is ticking.

Denial is a wonderful thing, for a short time…but you can’t stay there too long.

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