Good Advice Is Easy to Come By….

Good advice is easy to come by…just visit this blog!

We all agree, denial is not an option in this world of deadly cells that float through the body looking for a warm, cushy spot to settle-in and grow.  I know we personalize cancer here but why not?  We talk about these cells like they have personalities.  We talk about going after them with chemo and radiation and any other means that will make them suffer and die.  I’m fine with that.  I’ve seen what they do with no remorse and if any kind of treatment gets them first…all the better.

But denial….not in the equation. 

Making sound, informed decisions on treatment is a crucial step in fighting cancer.  Sometimes that means waiting while research is done and doctor/patient consultations are held.  If you’re lucky enough to be treated at a cancer center where tumor boards gather to discuss individual cases, that’s an added plus.  But those are really the only causes for delay of treatment. 

Cancer is an impatient predator.  Move on it, or it will move through you.

There’s no denying that.

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