Nurses Are the Coolest!!!


There’s a new TV ad running in my part of the country.   I’ve seen it twice now, and each time it makes me smile and it sends the absolute right message. 

It’s about nurses.  

A little girl, with a bandana on her head (obviously hiding her baldness), is getting ready for an injection. She’s pale and could certainly be a cancer patient.  Her nurse, with syringe in-hand, smiles at her and they sing a song together.  They have bonded.  Like so many kids and their nurses, like so many patients, of all ages, and their nurses. You can see the trust exchanged in the glance.  When they finsih the song, the nurse does his job.  He injects the little girl, pauses and asks her, “Do you feel OK?” She shakes her head and says “Yes.” 

That’s it.  No need for anything else.  The message is so clear.  This is meant to be a nod of gratitude toward nurses and it is a homerun of an ad.  It’s really not selling anything except trust, connection and caring.  I guess for the company that made the ad, they’re hoping we connect that message to what they sell in health care products. 

You can make up your own mind about that connection.  For me, it’s all about the tribute to the nurses.

How many of us have left a hospital late at night and left our loved ones in the trusted care of a special nurse?  How many of us have entered a chemo room only to hear a certain “Hello” from ‘our very own’ nurse who knows how to ease the tension before treatment begins? 

We might sings songs with them, we might talk sports with them, we might talk cancer with them…where ever the talk takes us, we know we not only have a medical professional who watches us carefully….we also have a friend in the fight.

Nurses are the coolest!!

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