One Steps OUT…Another Steps IN…


It’s like a dance, isn’t it?  One steps out of cancer world, while another steps in.  The cha cha of cancer.

Al’s friend Cathy is healing from her surgery and is living in the present.  It’s a wonderful thing to be NED.  Three little letters that set you free from treatments, oncologists and regular trips to the cancer center.  There’s a new outlook on the day and that old life seems reachable once more. 

Cha cha cha…..

My friend who had his short span of cancer denial…he’s getting ready to step in and sync-up to the rhythm of the chemo I-V pump.  His days will not be his own for a long time to come.  His schedule will be ruled by blood tests, CT scans and doctor visits.  But he’s had an amazing awakening and he wants to live.  So he’ll do what it takes and hopefully his cancer will be a bad memory a few months down the road.

It’s a dance all right.  A dance with the devil called cancer.  Stepping OUT is so much better than stepping IN.

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