Time Out in the Cancer Center


Remember how Leroy used to talk about playing the “cancer card?”  Just once he wanted to go to a very popular restaurant where it was tough to get a table and play the ‘c-card’ just to see if it worked.  Would he get that special table and that hard-to-come-by reservation because he had cancer?  He never did it…but it all came down to getting special treatment for a person who held the unlucky deck stacked with the cancer card. 

Now comes the Holiday season and I hate to say it, but at the cancer center, you wouldn’t know it.  I’m not talking about decorations or holiday songs playing in the background.  You wouldn’t expect much of that in a major cancer treatment center.  I’m talking about business as usual.   So many people who will be spending their holiday walking into the chemo room, having their scans checked and hearing the words, “You have cancer.” 

They won’t be planning special gatherings or baking Christmas cookies…not this year.  They won’t be cruising up and down the parking lanes at the mall…not this year.  This December they’ll be looking for a place to park in the medical building.  They’ll be rushing to make it to their appointment on time. 

Most of all, they’ll be wondering if they will be here next year to share in the holidays with their loved ones.

If I could have one wish this season, I would wish that we could call a” time-out in the cancer center” and give everyone some cancer-free time to make the most of this season.

I know that’s really playing the cancer card, big time…but I can wish, can’t I?

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