Not a Neighborly Gesture

Cancer has hit the hood….again.

She’s a wonderful neighbor.  I see her driving up and down the street most days, behind the wheel of her van.  That’s because she’s such a busy mom, really a chauffeur to three great kids who rely on her ability to juggle three active schedules that includes sports, school and horseback riding.  She’s an equestrian herself.  She’s  trim, smart, active….and now she’s got breast cancer.

So now her life has changed..changed big time.   But it’s not just her life, it’s a family who will have to rearrange every day living  for quite some time, to accomodate the beast.

Her family will be supportive and the neighbors around here will be what the neighbors around here always are…on deck for whatever they can do to help out.  I know that firsthand.

So tonight, a family in the hood isn’t sleeping soundly anymore.  My guess is they are waking at all hours of the night, wondering what the next day will bring. 

Cancer isn’t neighborly.  Cancer is back in the hood.

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