A Pixie Haircut and a Smile

Wow…what a great evening…I’m writing late because tonight was a trip down memory lane for me.  A gathering of Leroy’s “Nightline” staff, a celebration of old friends who haven’t seen each other in quite a while.  This all came about because one of the producer’s who has moved to London, came back into town.  The perfect excuse to do an “all call” and it was amazing to see folks walk into the restaurant.  It was like a step back in time….and then I saw her. 

A woman who was such a major part of the team.  When the show broke up, she moved on to produce stories for NPR, until cancer made it’s way into her life.  For the last year and a-half, she’s been fighting the beast full throttle.  Surgeries, chemo therapies, radiation…she’s done it all and now she’s in the final steps of  breast reconstruction.  She’s a cancer warrior with the battle scars to prove it. 

But she walked in with a pixie haircut and a smile that lit-up the room.  She’s come through the worst of it and even though she says she still fights the fatigue and occasional chemo brain malfunctions, she back on top of her game. 

She’s put cancer in it’s proper place….it won’t rule her life and she’s determined not to let it ruin her life.

On a night that marked the 40th month since Leroy has been gone….it was great to see old friends and especially one particular pixie haircut and the smile that went with it.

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