Don’t You Want to be Here When IT Happens…


It’s a time of year when the pace picks up and the world moves to a different beat.  ‘Tis the Season.

I hope that’s the case inside the cancer labs around the world too.  I want to believe that there’s a researcher somewhere who has been working day and night, burning the midnight oil for years, watching and waiting for that one little mouse to show the way to a genetic link or a particular drug that will change the way we treat all cancers.  It’s gotta happen some day and I want to be here when it does.

‘Tis the Season for good things to happen right?  Soldiers are coming home from war.  Families are being reunited.  Politicians, for whatever their reasons, are finally agreeing to pass laws for the good of the people.  Is it too much to ask for a major break through in cancer research?  Isn’t it time for that too?

There’s too much cancer in this world.  Too many new cases.  Too many lives changed forever.  Too many of us without our loved ones because of this unforgiving disease.

Come on…there would be no greater gift to all of us, than that one little mouse, who would change the world.

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