“If the Fates Allow…”


“Through the years we’ll always be together, if  the Fates allow.”

Lyrics from the Christmas song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” written by Hugh Martin in 1944 for the movie “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

I heard it this afternoon listening to a radio station that plays only Christmas songs and of course, I sang along.  It’s always been a favorite, but that particular line is a heart breaker.

Destiny, Fate, Meant to Be…We’ve all used those words but have we stopped to think about what they mean? 

This will be the fourth Holiday season without the Big Guy because “Fate” stepped in.  I miss him so much around this time of year because he really enjoyed Christmas.  He loved spending hours decorating the tree.  I think it took him back to the time when he was a little boy.  He liked big trees and he liked the old fashioned lights and he liked a lot of tinsle sparkling from each branch of the Fraser Fir.  It really had to be a Fraser Fir.  They smelled the best and lasted the longest, according to Leroy.  And he loved to look at the tree, all decorated, while the Christmas songs played, the fireplace crackled and he had a favorite glass of wine in-hand.  He wasn’t too keen on the “find a parking spot in the mall” part, but he even got into the shopping craziness!

That is an image that will never leave me.  That was before Fate stepped in…

This time of year is like a special key.  It opens up so many little boxes of memories that have been locked away.  I suppose, for those of us who have lost loved ones, we’re happy to have those memories to look back on, but they take their toll on our hearts.  During this time of year, telling Leroy stories, brings tears, not smiles, because I hate that Fate stepped in…..but I’m practical enough to say, I guess it was “meant to be.”

It will be a “remembering” weekend and a time to make new memories. 

My wish for all of you in this community is for a safe, happy Holiday.  Be ‘in’ the moment with your loved ones.  Take it all in…If the Fates Allow.

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