Need a Lift?


Remember our old friend Sasha?

I miss hearing from her even more on days, or should I say, weeks, like this, when memories seem to fill so many hours of the day.  She would always close her comments with “still lifting.”

I don’t know about you, but I could use some “lifting” these days. 

I know it’s the time of year.  I know “this too shall pass.”   But it’s still tough, not to slip down memory lane and get stuck in the middle of a thought that takes me back a few years.  I’m pretty good at stowing away those memories.  I welcome new experiences and look forward to new adventures.  And I know you can hear the ‘but’ coming and here it is…But, this time of year, I miss the Big Guy and I think about US and how we built a life around two solid careers and a lot of fun. 

So now, when I feel a little down, thinking about those times and how they came to such an abrupt end, I’m not shy about saying I could use a little “lifting.”

Sasha…if you’re out there, “Thank you for all your lifting.”  I hope some one has given you the ‘lift’ that you gave us for all those years.

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