This Works Better than Google!!


“Google It”

How many times have you said that?  How many times has it been suggested to you, when you can’t find something? I know many of you feel that way about “Facebook” too…Looking for an old classmate, turn to “Facebook.”

Well, they’ve got nothing on “Our Cancer.” 

I threw out my fishing line yesterday, hoping that some one from the community would be able to find Sasha for us and BINGO, Laurie Hirth made it happen…HOORAY….Welcome back, dear friend Sasha.   We’ve missed you.  It sounds like you could use a little lifting and as you know, from past experience, you’ve come to the right place.  If there’s anything we’re good at, it’s “lifting.” 

We all know that losing a loved one to cancer upsets the normal rhythm of our lives.  We change our patterns.  We reach out and act out…it’s not a normal life anymore.  And when we come back to the fold, most times, our support team is there waiting for us. 

Lean on us, Sasha.  You won’t find a stronger wall anywhere.

Kathie…that goes for you too.  Pancreatic cancer is a difficult cancer.  Your sister is lucky to have you.  Your understanding of how this disease will twist and turn your sister’s life will benefit her.  Your guidance will have a tremendous amount of value as she fights day by day.  I’m so sorry your family has to go through this again. 

How do we find the strength to battle time and time again?  We think we’ve done all that we can.  It’s tough work being a care giver and going through cancer with a loved one or a friend, and when it happens a second or a third time, we wonder if we have the stamina to do it.  And we do. 

There is no choice.  WE have the knowledge and that means we have the POWER to help.

Help is care.  Help is being ‘here’ for anyone who needs us.

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