Happy New Year.

I know, it’s hard to believe we’ve spent another year together sharing stories, ideas and advice. 

We’ve lost some friends and we’ve rallied around their friends and family to show our support.  We’ve found some new folks to join our little group and just recently we’ve found some old friends to rejoin our family.  That’s a pretty good years’ work. 

What we do here makes a difference.  We reach out and share our experiences in cancer world to those who are going through some tough times.  Cancer touches so many people and even though each victim is unique, we share so many things in common.  How we handle the journey, prepares us for who we are once it’s over.  Whether that means surviving the beast or starting over because we weren’t that lucky. Coming here to “Our Cancer” means finding an outstretched hand to lift, and open hearts to help.

You are all very special to me.  I never forget how we came together in the first place.  You joined Leroy as he shared his adventure in this odd place we call cancer world.  Time has moved on and you’re still here….

I want to say “Thank you”  and wish every one a HEALTHY, HAPPY year ahead.

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