Peace…What Does That Mean?


Once you’ve entered cancer world, how do you find peace?  Is it possible?  Living with cancer doesn’t just take away the ‘normal’ in a life.  It takes away any hope of finding  that peaceful feeling we all hope to have at some point in our lives.  I speak for myself here….maybe there are many in this community who have found a way to find real peace?  I’m not sure I even know what that means.

Maybe I shouldn’t even blame Leroy’s cancer for this.  Maybe this was the case before he was diagnosed, or maybe I never realized how important it was to have it, before I lost it once we were in our cancer battle. 

The Holiday season is full of “Peaceful” wishes.  Friends and family members are generous with their wishes for peace in the world, peace among your neighbors, peace everywhere.

I don’t think I ever heard anyone wish me peace, while we were sitting in the chemo room or waiting for radiation.  They knew better….if they were there, they knew there was no chance anyone was feeling very peaceful going through their ordeal.  Cancer just doesn’t offer up that option.

Does peace come when you hear the words N-E-D?  Maybe.  More than peace, I think relief is more like it.  Does a hug or a hand squeeze bring a cancer patient peace?  Does a favorite piece of chocolate? 

There are so many emotions that come with living with cancer.

Is peace one of them?  Is it even possible?

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