A Huge Loss


Here it is just a few days into the new year and we need to gather around one of our own….Ned is grieving the loss of his mom.  Losing the person who brought you into this world is a loss beyond words. 

Her death on New Year’s day changes a holiday, that most of us look upon as a day to begin anew….resolutions, fresh start, new beginnings. Now,there will always be a twinge of sadness connected to the first day of the year for Ned.  He lost his best pal.  That’s what Mom’s are, in my book.

Loss wears so many faces and leaves us with fresh bruises on our hearts. 

We are thinking of you, Ned and sending our sympathies.  You’ve been a big part of this community for a long time.  We hope you find it easy to lean on us now, when a sturdy wall helps ease the burden of your loss.

Take care, our friend.

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