Just Kids…


Cancer strips away a layer of life that can never be replaced. 

An adult, because of life experiences,  can manage to work around that missing layer.  But a child doesn’t have much to go on.  How dare a cancer reach-in and grab a child’s life?

I spent the weekend with eight kids.  Eight kids with cancer.  Each one was an amazing example of the human spirit. 

The littlest, a 5 year old, was feisty and loved being around the bigger kids.  She wanted to be just like them. It didn’t matter that her hair was just starting to grow back and would eventually cover the scar across her scalp.  It didn’t matter that she was paper thin and tired easily. She was a force….at five.

She didn’t see cancer in her older playmates either.   She saw big kids whom she tried to mimic and she wanted no part of  her mom hovering over her to make sure she was OK.  ‘Heaven forbid, the big kids would see that! 

Each of these children had a special kind of strength about them. I guess that comes with chemo and surgery and radiation.   And their eyes tell the story of living with cancer too.

But it’s the armor that they wear that protects them from that missing layer of life.  What cancer has taken away,has been replaced by some sort of magic skin that has covered them like a fine fitting glove.

It allows them to still be kids, instead of kids with cancer.

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