Lessons Learned…


If we just pay attention to them, kids can teach us so many lessons in life.  I sometimes wonder how they can sum up complicated issues in just a sentence.  Sometimes they figure out complicated puzzles of life with just a simple act of kindness.  And when they are suffering from a life threatening disease like cancer, they teach us time and time again, not to sweat the small stuff.  They don’t even sweat the big stuff!

Who gave us, the BIG kids,  permission to create so much drama in our  lives?   

These fresh, young faces with soft smiles and big dreams are facing a monster that has tunneled in to an organ or a blood stream with every intent to take a life.  And how do they react?  They sit patiently for treatment.  They feel the pain of the needle sticks and the nausea of the chemo, but they endure and they fight to live and some how they still find a moment to smile and to laugh and if they have the energy, to play. 

They are all examples of ‘life.’   Fine, sturdy examples of what we all should take away from “life.”

They “get it.”

 We just have to be smart enough to learn the lesson they’re teaching us every day.

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