This One is for the Survivors….


Some times I forget that some cancer patients do survive.

What’s that like?  How do you start to ‘live’ again after cancer treatment?  If your oncologist tells you, “You’re finished here, have a good life,” what’s the next step?

There is after-care in cancer.  Your primary doctor takes on an important role, because he/she has to watch for signs of recurrence.  Chemotherapy has probably left it’s mark in some way: fingers and toes are numb, lingering skin problems sometimes, even cognitive issues remain.  Radiation treatments can leave similar problems.  What about rehab? It can become a necessity following certain surgeries. 

Cancer can be cured, but not forgotten. 

So how does it feel to be a real survivor?  Can you ever really put it behind you? 

I’m curious because it didn’t happen that way for me. 

This one’s for the survivors….what’s it like, really?

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