Cancer..Who Handles IT Better?


Who handles a diagnosis of cancer better? 

I know in this household, Leroy and I were very different when it came to understanding and dealing with his disease.  This wasn’t a care giver vs. patient issue.  This was the way we approached the cancer.

I couldn’t learn enough about it.  My questions to his doctors weren’t just about procedures and what they would do to the cancer, but I needed details.  He didn’t go there at all.   When he found out he had colon cancer, that was all he needed to know about that.  He had a name for it, he pretty much knew there was a genetic connection and the next step was to fight like hell to beat it.

When a particular treatment was suggested, he certainly thought long and hard about it, weighing the pros and cons, but he did it in his head.  Just like he did if he was going into a war zone.  He would think it through..the entire trip…it was his way of controlling the outcome.

But we were just one couple facing this hard journey.  One boy and one girl who managed it together, but separately.

Cancer…Who Handles IT Better?

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