It’s A Law????


What did they call it before they called it cancer?

Do you ever wonder what they thought it was before they gave it a name and started to study it?

When you think about it, cancer research really kicked-in about 41 years ago…when President Nixon signed The National Cancer Act.  It amended the Public Health Service Act to strengthen the National Cancer Institute and give it the backing to carry out an all out effort to bring an end to this disease.  So in effect, we have a law on the books in this country that says “get rid of this stuff, NOW.”  It’s a LAW!! 

Well, in 41 years I think it’s safe to say there have been many discoveries about cancer and it’s true, treatments have advanced.

It just seems like I”m hearing about so many newly diagnosed victims lately, it’s disturbing. 

I remember back many years when there really was just a single chemo therapy that treated so many cancers and not well.  I think it did more damage than good for the patient.  And families who were coping with a loved one who had cancer, rarely used the word.  It was just whispered that someone was “very sick” and if they died, it was after “a long illness.”

Now we use the word every day.  At least those of us in this community do.  Hearing it in a sentence, it still hangs in the air longer than any other word.  It is a word that carries clout.

But wouldn’t it be great to some day drop the word from our vocabulary? 

It will happen…some day, a long time from now, some one will make a motion to erase The National Cancer Act from the books.

 Until then,  buckle-up, it’s the law…. don’t drink and drive, it’s the law…. and find a cure for cancer.

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