Survival Through Support


I’ve said this before…During Leroy’s cancer battle, his friends kept him engaged in living.  They had the ability to kick the cancer to the curb just by sitting on the couch  and visiting with him.  They told him stories about work.  They gossiped a little; who doesn’t like to hear the latest gossip?  They sat there and remembered the great adventures they shared together.  They even asked his advice on upcoming stories because they knew he’d have some terrific suggestions. 

This was his support system.  Friendships are magic medicine in a cancer struggle.

So, when I met a woman yesterday, following a speech I’d given about ‘Leroy and Laurie’s Life’,’ she told me how she related to our story EXCEPT for the part about having a support system.  She explained her husband would not allow her to share the news with anyone about his disease.  He told her he could handle it and no one needed to know that he had cancer.  He didn’t share the news at work or among his friends or outside the family home.  His wife was left to carry this burden alone. 

She told me how difficult it was to be the lonely care giver.  How she wished she could share the news with anyone. 

She lost her husband to cancer.  After his death, she said it was hard to explain to people that he had cancer and requested no outside support.  She said they rarely used the C-word in the house.

When I finished our conversation,  I felt so sad for her and the trauma of going through that journey alone. And I can’t imagine what it was like for her husband. 

I don’t know what I would have done without our friends and family.  There is no substitute for support when you’re going through a cancer struggle.  Support stabilizes a care giver in this war. 

Look at all of us in this community.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve been through it, or if we’re going through it…LIFTING is what we do here.   

Support is just as important as chemo, radiation or any other cancer treatment.  It promotes survival.

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