Power to the Plate


We talk a lot about staying in control in cancer world.  There’s so much that is out of your control, once you’re in it, it’s nice to know there are some things you can influence.  I’m talking about food.  What you eat while you’re going through chemo or radiation can really help your body maintain strength and the ability to heal. 

I was lucky enough to be part of the audience the other day at a conference where the speaker was a nutritionist who’s specialty is advising patients how to eat while going through their cancer treatment.  She spoke on healthy eating overall, but when your body is hit with an intruder like cancer, there is a way you can fight back by eating foods that pack a power punch against the beast. 

Did you know that spearmint and ginger can do wonders to settle an upset stomach?  Ginger tea or chewing spearmint gum helps with some of the side affects of treatment. Protein helps too.  Lean meats and fish go a long way to help the body stay strong.  Hydration is huge.  Not only does it help avoid weakness, but it also flushes away some of the toxins that come with all those infusions. 

I can remember there were days when Leroy didn’t feel like eating at all.  I couldn’t force him to eat, so I waited for the signs that said he was feeling better and that’s when I would make him a favorite lunch or dinner that packed a healthy dose of good food.

I learned quickly common sense played a big part in his diet too. 

There were days when a good old fashioned chocolate milk shake worked better than any thing off the food pyramid.

But for the most part, eating well, went a long way in fighting the cancer….or at least in fighting what made him sick from the treatments for the cancer.

It gave us that mental edge too…we were in control of what went on the dinner plate…we had the power.

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