Standing Room Only….

There’s just too much cancer in the world.  Period.  No arguing the fact.

I now have three friends, two with breast cancer and one with kidney cancer who are about to begin treatment.  About to step into the chemo room and experience yet another major life shift.  It’s bad enough that they’ve heard the words, “You have cancer.”  NOW, they will learn a new vocabulary filled with words like infusion, phlebotomy, port.  They will sit for hours watching as bags of chemo, connected through a tube, drips silently into their bodies.  They used to fill these hours working at their jobs, picking up their kids or just doing ‘stuff.’  

They’ll meet new friends they really have very little in common with, except that they share this bond of cancer.  That seems to be enough to cement a connection that for some, will make them  pals for the rest of their lives.  Sadly, some of those lives will be shortened.

When I drive up to the cancer center in Baltimore now, the parking lot is full just about all the time.  I mean they turn away cars and direct them to other lots.  I guess you can look at that two ways.  There’s way too many people in need of treatment, or, there is such a wealth of treatment available there, the saying is true….”If you build it, they will come.”

And the chemo room is full too.  An overflow in the waiting room and the pods are packed.

Now, there are three more looking for an empty chair.

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