Cancer Limbo


She’s been told she has breast cancer. 

She had surgery to remove the cancer.  Now she waits.

It’ll be mid-week before the pathology reports become known to her. She’s in pain from the surgery.  She’s trying to stay strong for her young daughter.  Her husband is one of the best people I know.  He’s trying to stay strong too.  His mind is like a pinball at the moment, bouncing from one extreme to another.  “She’ll be fine.”  “What if she’s not going to be fine?” 

Waiting until Wednesday seems like an eternity right now.  The anticipation of news, good or bad, is excruciating.  In some ways, the waiting is the worst….unless other things take over and the worst really does become the worst.  There’s only so many reassuring words to say.  I’m worried for them.  I have  been on that ‘waiting’ end and it produces uneasy days and sleepless nights. 

It’s called cancer limbo.

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