What a Surprise…


In 9 days it will be 3 1/2 years since Leroy died.  Three and a-half years. 

I thought, any one who had a reason to know that, would by now. 

So, imagine my surprise when a letter came in the mail from his DOCTOR. 

Yes, his doctor.  The man who performed Leroy’s ‘routine’ colonoscopy and found the cancer. And 4 1/2 years later, this same man called the ER the night Leroy’s speech was slurred.  That was the night they found the brain tumor. 

This letter was addressed to Leroy and it was informing him that this doctor was changing offices.  The closing line in the letter; “I look forward to continuing your care at this location.”

Now it’s true that Leroy’s medical care shifted up to Hopkins once his cancer turned metastatic, but when his condition worsened, Leroy did call this doctor to give him an update and in his own way thank him for a solid surgery and to say ‘good-bye.’

So I called today to say how shocked and unhappy I was to get this letter, thinking they would apologize for the error.  Not exactly!!  After the woman on the phone had asked me for Leroy’s name for the FOURTH time, I almost lost it.  Actually, I sort of lost it.  It still stings to have to say he’s gone.  And to have to repeat his name four times, was more than I was prepared to do. 

Almost three and a-half years down the road and the hits just keep on coming!!!

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