So Many Pills…


And so it begins…for two friends, chemotherapy is the new constant in their lives.

One sat for hours as the drip line carried the chemo to his kidney cancer.  He went equipped with spearmint gum, ginger tea and a smoothie for energy. He’s feeling the fatigue that comes with chemo.  I can only hope that will be the worst of it.  He’s a strong man, with an even stronger wife, who has prepared for this part of the fight by reading-up on what she can do to make this as easy as possible for her guy. They are in this together.  It’s the best way for both of them.  They can lean on each other…hopefully talk it through and on the hard days, lift one another until the hard part passes.

This was actually day one, for another friend.  It’s too early for effects of the chemo to settle-in.  Now she’s looking at pills….a lot of pills.  I told her, rule #1 in cancer is to take the pills.  Always stay ahead of the nausea, take the pills.  Always stay ahead of the pain.  Take the pills.   So many pills for so many reasons.

Friends, joining so many others, in the fight for their lives.

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